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The Fortune Academy was formed with an aim to transform the training mechanism from the legacy to intuitive learning experience to transform each participant to realize their dream. We have a set of unique trainers with the core objective to train, guide, and mentor associates in various professional paradigms. It all started with the intention of making training, simple, intuitive and result oriented. Altogether we have a specialized methodology which is different from all our competitors. This unique training methodology enables associates to overcome the challenges on the way to certification exams by enhancing learning process.

We are passionate about training and learning and place both at the heart of what we do. We understand that individuals learn in different ways, so our courses contain practical sessions, group discussions, theory and coach to ensure everyone in the room has the chance to really engage with the training.

One size doesn't fit all: that's why we have a team of trainers with different areas of expertise to ensure all of our courses are delivered by experts. Whether it's Project Management, Business Analysis or Transformational training programs you require, we're certain that we will have the right course and trainer for you.


The Fortune Academy’s training is stretching, motivating and tailored to the individual learner.

At the Fortune Academy we think it's important that:

  • Training is in small groups so every individual gets one to one attention
  • Learning should be challenging: intellectually and creatively
  • Different learning styles should be embraced
  • Learning should be motivational, relevant and help delegates achieve their goals
  • Learning is most effective when it's evaluated and supported on an on-going basis

We at the Fortune Academy are constantly working towards improvements to our business, with our values and policies at the core of everything we do. We are committed to responsible business practices.

Why we love what we do

The responsibility of influencing and shaping careers, work forces and individuals through training is not a task we take lightly but one we rise to with enthusiasm and determination. Every one of our trainers can identify key people in their lives who have encouraged, inspired and led them to be where they are today, and being able to join the ranks of those highly regarded and knowledgeable people is both an honour and a privilege. Every one of our staff has a passion for seeing people develop and grow, ever pushing their potential and their knowledge so that we might ultimately see people empowered, trained to better themselves and their workplaces.

Vision and Mission Statements:

Vision: “Transforming professionals into Leaders by providing right knowledge at the right time at the right price”

Mission: “To make Learning easy, effective, result oriented by providing value based knowledge and lead the aspiring professionals towards success”

Consists of highly committed trainers continuously working towards, providing quality based education to every individual
Qualified and experienced in training and teaching of Management related subjects and advanced / specialized topics. Has trained audiences that include several corporate houses and group of individuals from different professional areas

Where we have come from

The Fortune Academy was formed with an aim to transform the training mechanism from the legacy to intuitive learning experience to transform each participant to realize their dream. With vision and commitment to ‘real life’ training has seen the company swiftly rise to be recognized as one of the leading training providers. Our portfolio of the very best and experienced industry personnel has seen the profile of the company rocket, leading to many national and international opportunities, as well as partnerships with other industry leaders.

Where we are going

Our mission is to become a global leading provider of training solutions that are fit for purpose, cost effective and outstanding in the actual delivery of your training requirements.