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Fortune Academy forum is for the professionals who get enrolled to our training programmes on Project Management, Business Analysis and Transformational training programmes. The purpose of this forum is to:

  • Share knowledge with aspirants preparing for the Project Management Institute's Credentials. Individuals can communicate and interact with each other
  • Synergize with fellow aspirants, share your diverse experience, knowledge, upload files and send links, etc.
  • Fortune Academy forum is a repository of knowledge, skills, training materials and we harvest the gathered knowledge for better reach out and knowledge services

Fortune Academy forum has come up to facilitate sharing of knowledge and information between successful professionals, subject matter experts SMEs, knowledge aspirants. It proves as a hub of useful information

Fortune Academy forum sole intention is to share relevant knowledge and should not be used to promote personal business, products or services:

Our opinion is that the forum will work as an useful arena for fellow aspirants and members to assist one and all in the understanding of various methodologies, approaches, ideas, tricks and traits, share best practices, ideas to stay committed towards achieving knowledge excellence

Fortune Academy Forum