Corporate Training

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As well as offering a broad range of courses on our Open Program, we can come to you!

If you have four or more colleagues that would benefit from the same course why not have one of the Fortune Academy's trainers come to your venue, on a date that suits your team.

We work across different cities in India and can deliver one of our standard courses or build a day that's tailor-made for you.

At the Fortune Academy we specialize in one to four days training courses in which we work with up to 12 delegates. Our courses are interactive, challenging result oriented and backed up by theory and best practice, and followed by participant’s assessment.

As long as you have four or more delegates wanting the same course, corporate training becomes very affordable and efficient.

If you are an individual or you have less than four members of staff wanting training then our Open Program might be more suitable for you.

Tailor-made training

More and more, we're designing a range of tailor-made sessions for a wide range of organizations. Whether that's a Project Management, Business Analysis and Transformational training programs that ties in with new management behaviors; workshops that help explain new policy and procedures or organizational changes; a day that blends modules from a number of our standard courses; or simply one of our standard courses that has been tweaked to include your documentation and branding.

We can work with you to develop training courses, seminars, or facilitated discussions on a topic of your choice. People's time is precious and this very tailored approach is becoming increasingly popular as it means every learning outcome has been picked by you.

We can use your competencies, behaviors, styles guides and strategic plans to make sure the course is really relevant to your delegates and that they know our trainer has a proper understanding of your culture and challenges.